These eyeglasses patient education articles are provided to assist you in learning more about your eyeglasses and your eyeglass options if you need prescription eyeglasses.

If you have noticed your eyesight changing, please make an eye exam appointment with an eye doctor today.

Glasses Care & Upkeep

Glasses care & upkeep

Top 8 Tips to Care for Your Eyeglasses: Follow these tips to clean glasses & keep them in great shape

Repairing Your Eyeglasses vs Buying New Glasses: If your glasses break, should you just repair them or buy a new pair?

How Often Do I Need New Glasses? See our expert's opinion here

Travel Tips for Glasses Wearers: Our top tips for traveling with glasses

Types of Eyeglasses

Types of eyeglasses

Prescription Sunglasses: Add tint to prescription eyeglasses to protect your eyes from the sun

Reading Glasses: Trouble reading but don't want glasses yet? Grab reading glasses

Prescription Reading Glasses vs Over the Counter Readers: Differences between reading glasses from an optometrist vs. the drugstore

Options Available When You Need Bifocals: Check out the different options from lined bifocals to progressives

Backup Eyeglasses for Contact Lens Wearers: It's always smart to have a backup pair of glasses even if you wear contact lenses

Choosing Eyeglasses

Woman wearing eyeglasses

Buying Glasses Online: Tips & tricks to ordering glasses online from America's Best

Choosing Children's Eyeglass Frames: What to consider when choosing eyeglass frames for your child

Choosing Eyeglass Frames: Learn the best style eyeglasses frame for you & your face shape

When Will I Get My Glasses? How we customize your glasses according to your prescription

Lens Upgrades

Lens upgrades

Anti-Reflective Coating: Special coating for better visibility at night & working on the computer

Scratch Resistant Coating: Prevent scratches for people with active lifestyles