Repaired vs. Buying New Glasses

Breaking your glasses is a frustrating experience. Here’s help deciding if it’s worth trying to fix them — or if it’s time to replace them.

Repaired and new glasses side by side

Most of us have experienced it at one point or another - hearing that excruciating "crunch!" as you sit or step on your glasses. After surveying the damage, your next move can be equally painful, as well: deciding whether to repair your glasses or buy new ones.

Here at America's Best, your eyes are our primary concern. We also believe that high-quality, functional and stylish eyewear should be affordable for everyone. If you find yourself with broken glasses, here are some points to consider as you decide whether to repair or replace them.

Repairing Your Glasses

If your damage is minimal, repairing your glasses might be a good option. An example of a simple repair that you could probably handle yourself would be a screw coming loose from a hinge.

America's Best sells a great general eyeglass repair kit that fits right into your purse or pocket. This kit includes a metal screwdriver and two commonly used hinge screws for frames, all packaged within a convenient tube. We also sell cleaning kits and keychain screwdrivers.

Breakage Protection Plans

Since your glasses withstand a lot of daily wear and tear, another great option is considering the Breakage Protection Plan when you purchase new glasses. America's Best offers two types of protection plans that can help you save money if you or your children are very active or tend to be hard on your glasses:

Product Protection Plan

The product protection plan protects your frames and lenses for one year for a small additional fee. If your glasses break during the year or your eyeglasses lenses become scratched, we'll replace them one time.

KidsGear Package

This plan is for children ages 13 and under, and includes a wide variety of ultra-durable children's frames in trendy colors and styles. For an additional amount, America's Best also offers a KidsGear Breakage Protection Plan that covers both pairs of glasses.

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Buying New Glasses

If the damage to your glasses is more serious, such as a bent frame, lenses that have popped out, or cracks in the frame or lenses, it is better to bring your eyeglasses into America's Best to have them looked at.

Our friendly eye specialists can determine whether your glasses are repairable or they can help you find the perfect replacement glasses.

We can even help you find a pair that is more durable and will withstand your daily activities. Scratch-resistant coating, UV protection, or impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses are features that are incredibly useful for people who lead more active lives and put more stress on their frames.

The Bottom Line

While it's certainly irritating to break your glasses, repairing or replacing them doesn't have to be a headache. At America's Best, it is our goal to keep you seeing clearly for the best price available.

Whether you grab an inexpensive repair kit for a quick hinge repair, decide to use one of our Product Protection Plans or buy specialized glasses that better suit your fast-paced lifestyle, America's Best has you covered.

When it comes to deciding whether to repair or replace your broken frames, remember that it's safest to seek the assistance of a certified eye specialist.