Contact Lenses as Low as $11/Month

Sofmed Breathables Monthly

At America’s Best you can get Sofmed® breathablesTM monthly contacts for only $11/month. To take advantage of this great price, just join our Eyecare Club and buy an annual supply.

Eyecare Club

Contact lens exams* are a great deal at America's Best for only $89! Join the Eyecare Club for only $10 more to rack up more savings!

  • 3 years of FREE eye exams (up to 2/year)
  • Save 10% on contacts, glasses & accessories

Top Contact Lens Brands

We carry all major brands of contact lenses, including Acuvue, Biofinity, Air Optix, and more. You'll also find all the latest technology options like silicone hydrogel and daily disposable color lenses.


Why are Sofmed Contact Lenses so Affordable?

Sofmed is our own private label brand produced by a major contact lens manufacturer. Because we don't have to pay advertising costs for a large consumer brand, we’re able to pass these savings on to you, keeping the price very low.

I Didn't Like Contacts Last Time. Should I Try Again?

The next time you visit your optometrist, discuss the contact lens options available. There are always improvements in contact lenses, and there is new technology that may solve some previous challenges.

When your receive a new prescription for a new brand of contact lens, we offer trial lenses for our customers. This is a smart way to try the new contact lenses make sure they're best fit possible and comfortable to you.

Why Do Some Contact Lenses Cost More Than Others?

Contact lenses are made from various materials and have different wearing patterns. Specialized lenses like color or toric contacts (for astigmatism) tend to cost a bit more due to more complex manufacturing.


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