2 Pairs of Lined Bifocals for $99.95

2 Pairs of Eyeglasses for $99.95

Get lined bifocals with $59.95 frames for just $99.95, including a free eye exam when you buy 2 pairs. Our 2 pair bifocals offer INCLUDES plastic lenses.

Choose from Hundreds of Frames

Choose any 2 pairs of glasses from America's Best and receive a free eye exam*. Use our Mix & Match pricing to get the best deal!

Free Eye Exams

Get a FREE eye exam ($45 savings!) when you purchase 2 pairs of glasses from America's Best. Comprehensive eye exams* are provided by licensed optometrists.

Find a store to schedule an exam.

What if I Choose Frames Outside the $59.95 Collection?

You can choose any frame you wish, but only frames priced at $59.95 are included in our 2 pairs of bifocals for $99.95 offer. Choosing more expensive frames will increase your total price, but you'll still save money at America's Best over other optical retailers.

What are my other lens options?

Many bifocal wearers enjoy wearing Transitions® lenses that adapt to the light by getting darker as you go outdoors. Let an optician know if you're interested in Transitions, and they can make the best recommendation on this popular lens upgrade.

Many customers prefer not to have the tell-tale bifocal line, which can be accomplished by upgrading to a no-line progressive lens. The right pair of progressive lenses for you will depend on your prescription, frame selection and lifestyle preferences.

All of these upgrades are optional. Even with these upgrades, you will still save money over other optical retailers.