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Progressive Lenses

Get multifocal technology without the lined lenses of traditional bifocals with progressive lenses.

Bifocal vs Progressive

Why choose progressive lenses?

Traditional bifocal glasses have a line across the lenses that is unattractive to many wearers. Progressive lenses have technology to let you see near, far and in between without a line—they look just like single-vision lenses. Progressive lenses take a bit of getting used to, but once your eyes are trained to use all the areas of your lenses, you’ll see much better than you could with lined bifocal lenses.

Parts of a progressive lens.

  • Distance: The top of the lens is for viewing things at a distance like street signs when you're driving.

  • Intermediate: The middle has a smaller area for viewing intermediate objects like your computer screen.

  • Near: The bottom has a small area for things close to you like a cell phone or restaurant menu.

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