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2 pairs of glasses

2 Pairs of Glasses for $6995

Pick 2 pairs from more than 150 of our $59.95 frames & your eye exam is free!

 Single vision uncoated plastic lenses included in 2 pair deals.

woman receiving eye exam

Free Eye Exams

Your eye exam is FREE when you purchase 2 pairs of eyeglasses at America's Best!

 *In certain states, eye exams provided by independent medical practices, Optometrists or Ophthalmologists.

Find Your Local America's Best

Comprehensive Eye Exams, Affordable Glasses and Popular Contacts nearby!

pair of glasses, box of contacts, Snellen chart

Eyecare Club Members Save More

The Eyecare Club offers 3 years of contact lens eye exams for only $99 + discounts on contacts and eyeglasses.

 Membership includes up to 2 exams/year.

Sofmed Breathables Monthly box

Get Contacts as Low as $11/Month

At America’s Best you can get Sofmed® breathablesTM monthly contacts for only $11/month.

 To take advantage of this great price, just join our Eyecare Club and buy an annual supply.

older woman wearing glasses

2 Bifocals for $9995

Get lined bifocals with $59.95 frames for just $99.95, including a free eye exam when you buy 2 pairs. 

 Our bifocals offer includes uncoated plastic lenses.

Older man wearing glasses

Get a Deal on 2 Progressives

Looking for progressives? Check out our 2-pair deal on progressives at America's Best. 

 Our progressives offer includes uncoated plastic lenses.

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