Verilite Polycarbonate Lenses

Great Protection

Polycarbonate, or Verilite, lenses are impact-resistant and offer superior eye protection when you need it most. They're lightweight but extremely durable.

Active Lifestyle? These are for you

If you're known to be 'hard' on glasses or lead an active lifestyle, then polycarbonate lenses may be exactly what you need to protect your eyeglass investment. Do you wear sports glasses, safety glasses or goggles? Then choose this type of shatterproof lens to protect your eyes on the slopes, court or factory floor.

A Must for Children's Eyeglasses

Polycarbonate lenses are the absolute best choice for your child's eyeglasses. Children tend to be a hard on lenses. Plus, parents are always concerned for their children's safety'you never want a lens to shatter or break in your child's frame. That's why America's Best will automatically upgrade lenses for children ages 13 and under! We are committed to your child's safety and want their glasses to withstand whatever your child throws their way.

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