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Eyecare Club

Our contact lens exam* is a great deal at $79! For only $20 more, join our Eyecare Club and save even more!

  • 3 years of FREE eye exams (up to 2/year)
  • Save 10% on contacts, glasses & accessories

Contact Lenses from $13.99/Box

When you join the Eyecare Club, you can get an annual supply of Sofmed lenses for just $13.99 per box.

Free Eye Exams

Get a FREE eye exam ($45 savings!) when you purchase 2 pairs of glasses from America's Best. Comprehensive eye exams* are provided by licensed optometrists.

Find a store to schedule an exam.

How Often Do I Need a Contact Lens Exam?

Contact lens prescription length may vary, but regardless of the expiration date, an annual eye exam is always recommended to ensure the health of your eyes.

Why Does a Contact Lens Exam Cost More Than a Glasses Exam?

You’ll get all the same great benefits of an exam for eyeglasses, but a contact lens exam also includes other diagnostic tests that help determine what lenses are right for you. Yes, contact lenses actually come in different sizes.

Why Should I Consider Buying an Annual Supply?

Purchasing an annual supply will help in two ways: it will save you money, and it will help ensure your eye health. If you buy the lenses you need, you’ll wear your contact lenses for the recommended period of time as wearing your contact lenses longer than recommended is not good for your eye health.

Plus, being an Eyecare Club member and purchasing an annual supply of contacts will ensure you pay the lowest price for your lenses. So, an annual supply is perfect for both your wallet and your health.


**Not valid in California. For offers in California, click here.