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Safety Glasses

Offering safety glasses in a variety of frames and lenses to help your company meet its safety goals

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Convenient, customizable and affordable prescription safety glasses

America's Best is your expert provider in everyday eyewear, but did you know we also offer safety glasses in a variety of frames and lenses to help your company meet its safety goals? With our safety eyewear program, America's Best provides your company and its employees with convenient, customizable and affordable prescription safety glasses.

Call us at 800-945-4505 or email us today to learn more about the America's Best Safety Eyewear Program and to get your employees started in using prescription safety eyewear while on the job.

America's Best Understands Your Company's Safety Glasses Requirements

At America's Best, we know that companies look for certain things, including superior customer service, quality products, reliability with delivery and competitive pricing. America's Best offers all of these things along with convenience and professional service in our Safety Eyewear Program. Put our expertise to work for you!

The America's Best network of retail locations allows us to provide your company and employees with eye exams and safety glasses in stores nationwide. Every location staffs professional opticians who will help your employees in choosing the best frames and lenses for your company's needs. Additionally, all of our safety eyewear products meet all OSHA and ANSI Z-87.1-2003 standards. Your company has unique needs, and we work with you to create a customized program to address the needs of your employees while at the same time meeting the safety, operational and financial requirements of your company.

Wide Selection of Functional and Fashionable Safety Eyewear

The America's Best Safety Eyewear Program offers safety glasses with a wide variety of frame styles and lens options, including:

  • Plastic, metal, titanium and non-conductive frames

  • CR-39, polycarbonate and glass lens materials

  • Single vision, bifocal, trifocal, and progressive lenses

  • Ultraviolet and anti-reflective coatings

  • Tinting, polarized, or transitions lenses

  • Permanent or detachable protective side shields

  • All Safety Eyewear meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI Z-87.1-2003 standards

Schedule Eye Exams for Safety Prescription Glasses

We are happy to help your employees who need an updated prescription by completing their eye exam. Your company and employees can depend on our independent Doctors of Optometry located near most of our retail stores for regular eye exams. If your employees have a current prescription, we are also happy to honor the existing prescription and assist them in selecting frames and lenses for their prescription safety glasses.

Implementing Your Safety Eyewear Program

The America's Best Safety Eyewear Program helps you easily administer your program with professional advice, quality service and employee convenience. For more information on the America's Best Safety Eyewear Program, contact us at 800-945-4505 or email us. Thank you for considering America's Best to provide your company's safety eyewear.