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Get a contact lens exam for only $89 at America's Best. Comprehensive eye exams* are provided by licensed optometrists.

Eyecare Club

Contact lens exams* are a great deal at America's Best for only $89! Join the Eyecare Club for only $10 more to rack up more savings!

  • 3 years of FREE eye exams (up to 2/year)
  • Save 10% on contacts, glasses & accessories

Sofmed Breathables Monthly

At America’s Best you can get Sofmed® breathablesTM monthly contacts for only $11/month. To take advantage of this great price, just join our Eyecare Club and buy an annual supply.

How Much is a Contact Lens Exam?

A comprehensive contact lens exam from a licensed doctor of optometry at America’s Best costs $89. But, if you join the Eyecare Club you can pay just $10 more ($99 total) and get free eye exams (up to two per year) for three full years. That’s a tremendous savings!

Why Does a Contact Lens Exam Cost More Than a Glasses Exam?

Don’t assume that a contact lens exam and a regular eye exam are the same. A contact lens exam includes other diagnostic tests that help determine what lenses are right for you. (Yes, contact lenses come in different sizes.) If you’re currently wearing contacts, the exam will check the fit and wear of your lenses. This is in addition to all the tests and checks included in a regular eye exam.

How Often Do I Need a Contact Lens Exam?

Most optometrists recommend that contact lens wearers get their eyes checked every year. In certain conditions, contact lens wearers may need to have their eyes checked even more frequently. A contact lens prescription is generally only valid for one year.

Why Should I Consider Buying an Annual Supply?

If you like to save money (and who doesn’t?), then buying an annual supply of contacts is the most economical way to go.

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