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Pairs of sunglasses

Prescription Sunglasses

We all know the sun can harm our skin, but did you know it can also harm your eyes? Get protected by scheduling your annual eye exam today. 

Keep yourself protected with prescription sunglasses.

We have the best prices on all of the brand name styles you love!

Our trained opticians make it easy to choose the right sunglasses for your active lifestyle. Whether you just like to lay out and tan or whether you're out there rock climbing, the experts at America's Best can guide you to the right frames and lenses for your needs.

Like all of our glasses, your prescription sunglasses can apply to our everyday low priced deal of buy 2 pairs of $79.95 frames and receive a FREE eye exam ($59 value)! Visit one of our over 800 locations today to see our selection or schedule an eye exam online!

Like our skin, our eyes are vulnerable to the damaging rays of the sun - so everyone needs sunglasses when they are outside. Whether the day is clear or overcast, UV rays can cause short-term and long-term damage to your eyes. Trust America's Best to keep your family's eyes safe with prescription sunglasses.

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Designer Sunglasses at a Discount!

Prescription sunglasses are extremely affordable at America's Best - a simple upgrade to your two pair package is all you need. We have options to fit every budget, too. We can turn your second eyeglass pair into Rx sunglasses with just a tint and UV protection package, or you can upgrade to a more specialized polarized lens.

At America's Best, we stock all of your favorite designer brands for ridiculously low prices. Come in today to check out our collection of designer frames, including Ray-Ban® sunglasses, for the lowest prices in the business!

Prescription Ray-Ban® sunglasses from America's Best will give you all of the legendary style of Ray-Ban® at prices you can actually afford! Visit a store today to see our impressive selection of Ray-Ban® sunglasses.

Prescription Sunglasses for Children

Did you know that much of the UV damage to your eyes happens when you are young? If you have children, you should consider a pair of kids' prescription sunglasses for them.

Our prescription sunglasses for children are just as stylish and affordable as our sunglasses for adults. Visit one of our America's Best locations with your child today to get them fitted with a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Protecting your family's eyes from the sun is very important. We know you and your family will love the low prices and high style of prescription sunglasses from America's Best! Visit one of our over 800 locations nationwide today or schedule an appointment online for your FREE eye exam ($59 value).