Eyeglass Frames for Children

Choosing eyeglass frames for your children is a very important decision.

Child with eyeglasses cleaning the blackboard

For young children, contact lenses may not be an option when vision correction is needed. Contact lenses can generally be considered once the child hits the teen years but until then, eyeglasses are the best option.

Luckily, eyeglasses have changed dramatically over the years. Instead of only offering function, they now also offer a great deal of style and character.

Eyeglass Choices

Your child will have many choices to choose from when picking her eyeglasses. There are many types of kids glasses styles as well as colors and designers.

While younger kids may identify most with brightly colored frames and branded names such as StrideRite and Mary-Kate and Ashley; older kids may want the same designer styles as their parents. The great news is, they can!

From a parent's perspective, we understand that you want to make sure that your kid's eyeglasses are both functional and durable.

At America's Best we offer a wide range of kid's eyeglasses that will satisfy your child's need to have a cool pair of eyeglasses and will be equally friendly to your pocketbook.

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Choosing Kid's Eyeglasses

When you are choosing kid's eyeglasses, there are a few factors to keep in mind to ensure the frames will last:

1. Look for Spring Hinges

These hinges make the eyeglasses more durable and less likely to break if the eyeglass arms are opened too far.

2. Ask for Polycarbonate Lenses

These lenses are less likely to crack or break and are safer for your child to wear. For children under 13, polycarbonate lenses are included at no extra charge at America's Best.

3. Inspect for Durability

For your little one who you know will be tough on glasses, look for stronger frames made of lightweight steel or titanium.

4. Inquire about Scratch Resistant Coatings

This is a special coating that can be added to polycarbonate lenses to decrease scratches.

KidsGear Breakage Protection Plan

Don't forget to also ask your optician about our special warranty just for kids under the age of 13. You can add further protection as well as free scratch resistant coating to their eyeglass lenses.  Full details on the protection plan are available in store.

Make It Fun

When you visit one of our locations for an eye exam and kid's eyeglasses, make the trip fun. Allow your child to try on multiple pairs of eyeglasses until he is happy with the ones he will wear.

Best of all, with our great 2 pair offers, you can buy his two pairs of eyeglasses for one low price so he can change up his look for school and play.