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Scratch Resistant Lens Coating

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Opt for a scratch-resistant coating on your lenses to make them more durable.

While it would be great to buy a coating for your eyeglass lenses that would prevent them from ever scratching, that's not a possibility. No lenses, not even glass, are 100% scratch proof.

The good news is, there is a coating you can purchase for your lenses that will make it much harder to scratch them.

What does a scratch-resistant coating do?

When you opt for a scratch-resistant coating on your lenses, your optician will treat both the front and the back of the lenses with a special solution that will make them more durable and scratch resistant.

Who is this coating recommended for?

Generally, this is a great coating to get if you are hard on glasses. If you look at your old pair of lenses and see lots of tiny scratches, consider adding this coating. If you tend to drop your glasses a lot, or have a habit of wiping them clean with your coat sleeve, your lenses will also be protected from this type of shallow scratch.

This coating is also great on children's eyeglass lenses because they will become more durable.

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