Backup Eyeglasses for Contact Lens Wearers

Just because you wear contact lenses, doesn’t mean you don’t need a backup pair of glasses.

Backup glasses and a box of contact lenses

Regardless of the reason for wearing contacts, it is always important to care for your eyes. Many eye care professionals recommend that contact lens wearers have a backup pair of glasses in order to help protect your eyes.

Uses of Backup Eyeglasses

There are a couple reasons that backup eyeglasses are important for contact lens wearers.

Eye Infections

If you have an eye infection, you should not wear your contact lenses. In fact eye infections occur less with people who have backup glasses because those people are more likely to wear the backup glasses instead of continuing to wear contact lenses when they have an irritation in their eye.

If something is wrong with your eyes or you have an infection, you should immediately discontinue wearing your contact lenses. If you keep wearing your contact lenses, this can cause the problem to linger or even get worse. You should use your backup eyeglasses and consult your eye doctor.

Ability to Breathe

Your eyes need oxygen. Allowing your eyes to take a break from contacts is helpful in this regard. It is especially helpful when the climate you live in is high in altitude and/or dry.


Backup eyeglasses are also useful if you travel for work since you may not have access to your eye doctor and additional supplies (such as contact lenses and solution).

Getting Backup Eyeglasses

When getting backup eyeglasses, you should make sure that they are based on your prescription from your eye doctor, just like your contact lenses. Also, your backup eyeglasses should allow you to see well enough to drive (20/30 or better).

You should always keep your backup eyeglasses in an easy to find place so that you can find them quickly if you need to not wear your contact lenses. Look for a pair that fits with your personality and style so you won't mind wearing them in the event it is needed.

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