What to Know About Antireflective Coating for Eyeglasses Lenses

Anti reflective coating reduces glare and other reflections.

View of the street through eye glasses with antireflective coating

When you visit the eye doctor for eyeglasses, there are several decisions to be made when purchasing your glasses.

First, you will choose frames that you like. Second, you will choose your type of lenses (with the help of your optometrist). This includes any special coatings or tint that can help you see better or improve the look of your glasses.

One of these special coatings is known as anti-reflective coating.

What is Anti-Reflective Coating?

Anti-reflective coating or AR coating is a special formula that is added to the front and back of your eyeglass lens. When this formula has been added, it can greatly reduce the amount of glare that you get on your glasses from surrounding lights.

This can include sunlight, overhead lights, task lighting, light from the computer screen or headlights from oncoming cars at night. In fact, most people cite the reduced glare when driving at night as one of the biggest benefits of AR coating.

How Does AR Coating Affect the Appearance of Eyeglasses?

In addition to assisting you in seeing better in high light conditions, anti-reflective coating can also make your glasses have a better appearance to others as well.

Because the glare from light is reduced, others who are looking at you will be able to clearly see your eyes without the surrounding lights casting unflattering effects on the eyeglass lenses.

Can AR Coating Be Applied to Sunglasses?

An AR coating can also be applied to sunglasses to help with the effect of the sunlight as it passes through the glasses. This can enable you to see more clearly with your sunglasses on a bright, sunny day even with a lighter tinted lens.

How Should You Care for AR Coating?

Eyeglasses with AR coating will need to be cleaned with special cleansers and should never be cleaned with a dry cloth without wetting the lens first. This can cause scratches which will be more noticeable with an AR coated eyeglass lens.

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