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Glasses Orders

How long will it take for me to receive my glasses?

Associates should give customers placing in-store orders an estimated day of when their glasses should arrive back at the store. Because we use a centralized lab, eyeglasses are typically ready for pick-up in 7-10 business days. If you would like to know the status of your order, please contact your local store.

Does America’s Best accept vision insurance?

Yes! For in-store purchases, we accept most vision insurance plans including EyeMed, Spectera, Superior Vision, Davis Vision. Many stores also accept a variety of regional vision insurance plans. Please contact your local store for additional details. For online orders, we do not accept vision insurance as payment for orders. We provide a receipt which can be submitted to your insurance company as an Out-of-Network purchase. Make sure you consult with your insurance provider before you place your order to determine whether they reimburse or have limits for out-of-network purchases. Note: Your vision plan may be provided by a different carrier than your health insurance.

Can I get my glasses adjusted at your store?

America’s Best offers FREE frame adjustments! Please visit a local store to have your glasses adjusted as often as you need.

Can I still order glasses if my prescription is expired or it doesn't have an expiration date?

We can only fill orders for current, valid prescriptions. If your prescription does not have an expiration date, then the expiration date is either 1 or 2 years from your exam date, depending on your doctor's preference. We will verify your prescription with your doctor and notify you if the prescription is expired.

Can I use my glasses prescription for a contact lens prescription?

Glasses prescriptions and contact lens prescriptions are not the same. A contact lens prescription includes contact lens brand name, base curve, and diameter which are not components of an eyeglass prescription. Contact lenses sit directly on the eye whereas glasses are worn on the bridge of the nose. The distance between these two spaces dramatically changes the level of correction for each type.

What are the best lenses for my glasses based on my prescription?

To learn more about the different types of lenses available, please visit our Eyeglass Lens page.

What happens if my doctor changes my prescription after I receive my glasses?

If your doctor changes your prescription due to vision problems you are experiencing with your glasses purchase, we will replace your lenses one-time for free. You must return the frames to us within 30 days from the delivery date. The replacement lenses will be made with the same lens material and treatments that were previously selected, and will require you to mail-in your existing frames, though we will provide you with free return postage.

Eyeglasses Prescription Glossary / Abbreviations

OD - Shorthand for oculus dextrus, or Right Eye

OS - Shorthand for oculus sinister, or Left Eye

Sphere or Power - SPH or PWR

  • Main strength of your eyeglass prescription written in 0.25 increments
  • 'SPH', 'PL', 'PLANO', or '00' means there is a 0.00 power

Plano - PL - Plano lenses have no focusing power or correction.

Cylinder - CYL

  • Indicates the amount of astigmatism written in 0.25 increments
  • Not all prescriptions have a cylinder correction and some have a cylinder correction in only one eye.
  • Your doctor may leave this blank or put 'SPH', 'DS', 'Plano', or '00' for no correction

Axis - AX or X

  • Part of the astigmatism correction written in increments of 1, from 1-180
  • If there is no cylinder, there should be no axis


Pupillary Distance - PD - Distance in millimeters between right and left pupil

Segment Height or Seg Height - SH

  • Value commonly used for bifocals progressives and reading glasses written in increments of 0.25
  • Indicates how much power is added to the distance prescription to create the reading-only prescription
  • Vertical measurement in millimeters from bottom of the lens to the beginning of the progressive addition on a progressive lens, or the top line of a lined bifocal
  • Does not apply to single vision lenses
  • Can only measure segment height while the glasses are on your head