Vision Problems


Regular eye exams should be part of your annual health screenings because vision issues can occur suddenly or over a long period of time. It is important to always pay attention to changes in your vision and promptly notify your eye doctor if you suspect any changes. If you believe your vision is changing, schedule an eye exam with your optometrist.

Eye Strain & Other Issues

Eye strain and other issues

Computer Eye Strain: Staring at screens for hours at a time can cause changes in your vision

Reduce Computer Eye Strain: Find out how you can lessen computer eye strain

What Are Eye Floaters? Do you see spots or squiggly lines in your vision? Find out more

Eye Allergies: Tips on making allergies a little less annoying

Common Vision Issues

Common Vision Issues

What is Nearsightedness? Difficulty seeing at a distance

What is Farsightedness? Can show up as early as elementary school and makes seeing up close difficult

Astigmatism Overview and Treatment: What astigmatism means and how can it be treated

Color Blindness: Recognize color blindness & options available to cope with the condition