Your 5-Step Plan for Finding the Perfect Frames

Buying new eyeglasses should be fun, not stressful. Follow this simple plan and find your perfect frames.

Picking out new eyeglass frames sounds easy until you look at the big wall of choices. Then, you have a bunch of questions to ask yourself. 

Do the frames fit your lifestyle and personality? Your budget? Most of all, do they look and feel great when you put them on? 

Don’t stress. We’ve got a simple 5-step plan to help you find your perfect frames.  

Has it been a while since your last eye exam? Now’s the time to book an appointment! 

Step 1: Do Your Prep Work  

You show your hair stylist pictures of cuts and colors you like, right? Eyeglasses are the same. Flip through some ads to get a few ideas.  

Step 2: Talk to the Optician  

Opticians are pros who know their frames. Ask them questions. Let them know if you need new eyeglasses for work, play, or a special occasion. And talk to them about your lens prescription. Not all frame sizes and shapes fit all prescriptions.  

Step 3: Match Your Frames to Your Lifestyle 

If you have sensitive skin, ask the optician to show you frames made with hypoallergenic materials. And if you’re shopping for an active kid, look for frames that are flexible.  

Step 4: Consider Your Face Shape  

You may have heard that it’s a good idea to choose a frame shape that is the opposite of the shape of your face. For example, the more angular your features are, the rounder your frames should be. And vice versa. But if a certain style catches your eye, go ahead and try it. Pick out a handful of frames that stick out to you. And be open to suggestions from the optician. After all, this is what they do best. 

Step 5: Find Your Perfect Fit  

First, plastic frames should sit on the bridge of your nose. Metal frames have nose pads that make them easier to adjust. Second, a pencil should fit between the side of your head and the frame. If the frames are too tight, they can give you a headache. Third, the frames should reach a quarter to halfway down your ear. Finally, smile. The frames should stay put. And remember, the best frames are the ones that make you feel great. 

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