Daily Wear vs. Extended Wear Contacts

Learn the differences and advantages with each.

Assorted daily and extended wear contact lens boxes

Daily Wear Contacts

Daily wear contact lenses are meant to be disposed of on a daily basis. There are advantages to this such as reduced time caring for lenses and not having to buy contact lens solutions and storage for lenses. These contact lenses are not regulated by the FDA for overnight wear.

Extended Wear Contacts

Extended wear contact lenses have been approved by the FDA to be worn for a certain time period. Some brands can be worn for 1-2 weeks while others can be worn for up to one month. These contact lenses are most commonly prescribed to be worn for two weeks at a time in the U.S. It is important to follow the wear schedule prescribed by your contact lens brand and your optometrist.

Other Differences

It can be dangerous to wear daily wear contact lenses> for an extended time period. Extended wear contact lenses are designed to allow more oxygen to reach the surface of your eye. With daily wear contact lenses, the material is different and doesn't allow as much oxygen to reach the surface of the eye.

Overnight Wear

Not all extended wear contact lenses are FDA approved to wear at night, but some are. If you may plan to sleep in your contacts, be sure to let your eye doctor know before the prescription is written as this could determine which lens is prescribed.

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