How to Adjust to Wearing Contact Lenses for the First Time

When you first insert contact lenses, it can feel a little strange. These tips can help ensure a smooth transition.

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After all, you just put a foreign object on your eye. Depending on the type of contact lens you choose or your optometrist recommends, it could take less than a day or up to a few weeks to adjust to wearing contact lenses.

Adjustment Period

For those who are wearing soft contact lenses, it usually doesn't take much time at all to get used to the contact lenses in the eyes. For those who are wearing hard or rigid contact lenses, the adjustment period may be a little longer.

For a very small percentage of people, it can be difficult to wear contact lenses. This is very rare. In most cases, your eye doctor can make recommendations to make contact lens wear more comfortable for you.

Changes in Technology

If you've tried contact lenses before but were not happy for some reason, you might consider trying them again. In the past few years, new technology, such as silicone hydrogels, has been introduced that makes contact lens wearing more comfortable. This is especially true if you've experienced dry eyes when wearing contacts in the past.

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