Reduce Computer Eye Strain

Computers can cause significant eye strain that can lead to changes in eyesight and vision.

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Top Four Ways to Reduce Computer Eye Strain and Relieve Eye Fatigue

Computer eye strain is a common symptom of those who work on a computer for long periods of time every day. Eyes can become fatigued from an attempt to focus on the screen.

Studies have also shown that we blink less when looking at a computer screen. This can cause excessive dryness resulting in eye strain and vision disturbances. There are several things you can do to reduce computer eye strain and eye fatigue.

Proper Workstation

Your computer screen should be directly in front of your eyes. You shouldn't have to turn your head or angle your body to the side to clearly see the screen. The screen should be approximately two feet away from you with the center of the screen just slightly below your direct line of vision.

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20-20-20 Rule

Throughout the day, taking breaks is an important aspect of reducing computer eye strain. During the break, there are several things you can do. First, every twenty minutes, look at an object at least twenty feet away and gaze at the object for a minimum of twenty seconds. This helps to refocus your eyes.

Second, slowly close your eyes ten times. This will help to naturally wet the surface of your eyes and can help to relieve dryness.

Third, focus on your blinking and try to blink more often.

Finally, train yourself to often look away from the computer screen, if only for a few seconds, consistently throughout the day.

Correct Lighting

In many offices, fluorescent lights are the norm. However, these lights are often too harsh for consistent computer work. You can lessen eye strain and eye fatigue by eliminating lights that are too bright and using task lighting instead.

Be sure that lights are arranged in a way that they don't cause a glare on the screen. In addition, be sure to eliminate other light sources such as windows by covering them with curtains.

Eye Exam

It is very important to have an annual eye exam. Your comprehensive eye exam can determine if visual changes are causing your eye fatigue.

The eye doctor can also talk to you about simple changes to your prescription eyeglasses, such as tints and antireflective coating, that can help to reduce glare from the computer screen.

Be sure to inform your optometrist how much time you are spending on the computer each day.