Computer Eye Strain

For some, computer eye strain and eye fatigue can lead to vision problems. Here's what you need to know so you can stay ahead of the curve.

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More and more workers are complaining about eye strain and eye fatigue from staring at a computer screen all day during the work day. For some, computer eye strain and eye fatigue can lead to vision problems. If you are a regular computer user, it is important to always have an annual eye exam.

Reading a computer screen can cause us to have to focus more than if we are doing other activities. Because many people work on the computer continuously without taking breaks from looking at the screen, the eyes can easily become fatigued. As fatigue sets in, it makes it more difficult to focus and can actually cause eye pain.

Some workers will end the work day with red eyes that they chalk up to just being exhausted at the end of the day. While certainly not the only possible cause, this can be an indication of excessive eye strain due to vision changes.

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Even those who only need very slight vision correction can benefit from wearing eyeglasses when working on the computer.

If your eyeglass prescription is out-of-date, reading a computer screen can be especially difficult. This will cause further eye strain and eye pain as you attempt to continually focus on the words on the screen.

Computer users should have their eyeglass prescription or contact lens prescription checked at least annually or whenever changes in vision are noticed.

Special glasses specifically for the computer can be made to make reading the screen easier. This can include special tints and antireflective coating to decrease the glare from the screen.

If you often experience computer eye strain or eye fatigue, visit your eye doctor and let him know how much time you spend working on the computer. He can also make recommendations to make your workstation more suitable for the health of your vision.