Advantages of Ordering Contacts Online

Ordering contact lenses online can save both time and money.

Assorted contact lens boxes brought online

After your eye exam follow-up with your optometrist, you should have your contact lens prescription in hand. While you can always get your contacts at the retail location, sometimes ordering online is more convenient and it doesn't cost any more with the free shipping offers that are available.

Advantages to Ordering Online

There are multiple advantages to ordering contact lenses online:

  • Every contact lens order qualifies for free standard shipping!

  • Save time by not having to go to the retail location to get your contact lenses

  • Have your contact lenses delivered to the your door

  • You don't have to abide by office hours - our online shopping experience is always available

  • You'll experience the same level of great customer service whether you purchase in our stores or online

  • We have a wide selection of contact lenses available with some of the lowest prices around

When it's time to order your contact lenses, there's no need to jump in the car and fight traffic to an optical store. As long as you have your contact lens prescription, you can order your contacts from the comfort of your own home!

If you don't have your actual prescription, don't worry. Simply enter the information from your contact lens box and we'll verify the prescription with your eye doctor.

Need an updated contact lens prescription? Find the nearest location to schedule your eye exam and don't forget to take advantage of our Eyecare Club!

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