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Sofmed Contact Lenses

Sofmed contact lens box

Sofmed contact lenses are carried exclusively by America's Best.

Once you have your eye exam, if you have decided to wear contact lenses you will need to decide what type and brand you'll want to wear. There are many different options.

If you are looking to save money on contact lenses, then Sofmed contact lenses may be the best option for you. These lenses are manufactured by CooperVision.

Sofmed lenses provide a clearer, crisper and sharper vision at an incredibly low price. With a new thinner patented edge design, Sofmed lenses provide unsurpassed wearing comfort compared to other contact lenses.

If you're looking for even greater comfort, you can also try our Sofmed Breathables line, which are contact lenses that use advanced technology, but are still available at great price.

There are various options when it comes to Sofmed contact lenses. Here is a description of the Sofmed product lines:

Sofmed 1-Day (30 Pack)

Sofmed 1-Day contact lenses are a daily disposable lens. These lenses have an advanced thin design and are incredibly comfortable. Since Sofmed 1-Day contact lenses retain their shape better, they are also easier to handle, put in and remove. These are also low maintenance lenses since you can wear Sofmed 1-Day disposable contact lenses for a day and throw them away. There is no daily cleaning, storage, or care required.

Sofmed 55

Sofmed 55 contact lenses have an advanced lens design that provides excellent vision, comfort and handling. These lenses also have a soft blue tint that helps improve contact lens handling and location. Sofmed 55 lenses have a superior aspheric design that is made to precisely focus light traveling through the contact lens and human eye.

Sofmed 55 contact lenses have a new thinner patented edge design that provides unsurpassed comfort compared to wearing other contact lenses. Frequent replacement means you have cleaner lenses and more convenience. These lenses are a good choice for first time contact lens wearers.

Sofmed Breathables Advanced

Sofmed Breathables Advanced contacts are made from a unique material that attracts and binds water within the lens itself. This makes sure the contact lenses stay moist and comfortable without the need for surface treatments or wetting agents. To help keep your eyes clear and healthy looking, Sofmed Breathables Advnaced lenses also allow more oxygen to pass through the lens to your eye.

Sofmed Breathables Advanced Toric

Sofmed Breathables Advanced Toric contact lenses are a two-week disposable lens. These lenses have a consistent horizontal thickness and a design that improves lens stability, reduces rotation and enables a consistent fit. This means that Sofmed Breathables Advanced Toric lenses provide exceptional vision regardless of your contact lens prescription. The lenses deliver a remarkable level of consistency, which is especially important for those with astigmatism, who typically need different prescriptions in each eye, or whose prescriptions change over time.

The Sofmed Breathables Advanced Toric lenses utilize the Aquaform Comfort Science and a breakthrough lens design.

  • NATURAL WETTABILITY - Sofmed Breathables Advanced Toric's lens surface stays moist without wetting agents, surface treatments, or other additives-providing great lens comfort at initial fit, end of wear, and from lens to lens.

  • ENHANCED COMFORT - Sofmed Breathables Advanced Toric further enhances comfort through a lens material with substantially lower modulus than other two-week silicone hydrogel torics.

  • HIGH OXYGEN TRANSMISSIBILITY - Offers plenty of oxygen for daily wear, which helps to maintain healthy corneal physiology.

  • UV-BLOCKING PROTECTION - Sofmed Breathables Advanced lenses feature a UV-blocker to help protect patients' eyes against harmful UV rays.

Be sure to always get an annual eye exam and consult your eye doctor about contact lenses that fit your specific needs.

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