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Choosing the Right Frame Material for Your Child

Buying eyeglasses for your child used to be a mundane task. The limited selection at the eye doctor's office meant choosing a pair that would cause the least amount of playground teasing. Now, with the selection of children's frames ever-increasing, much more thought needs to go into choosing the perfect pair. Never fear—we've done the research and are here to help guide you to the right frame based on the qualities you find most important.

Plastic Frames

Plastic Glasses
  • Durability:
    Plastic frames are known for their durability while also being lightweight. Some kids’ plastic styles take that durability to the next level with a flexible, BPA-free plastic that is virtually indestructible.
  • Selection:
    The color and pattern options of plastic frames are endless. They also come in a large variety of shapes so there really is a look for every unique kid. However, their lack of adjustable nose pads means fit can sometimes be an issue. It’s no fun for kids to be constantly pushing their glasses back up their faces.
  • Price:
    Since there is such a wide variety of materials used to produce plastic frames, their price point spans the spectrum. For kids frames, however, they teter on the affordable side. This means that there’s a very good chance you’ll find something for your child—that they will love—in your price range.

Metal Frames

Metal Glasses
  • Durability:
    Metal frames tend to be slightly heavier and less durable than their plastic counterparts. While some are made from super durable and lightweight materials such as titanium, those frames are not usually available for kids.
  • Selection:
    While metal frames are limited in their color and pattern palette, they do offer a few additional shape options. You can outfit your mini-me in the likes of classics such as aviator, browline, semi-rimless and rimless frames. Metal frames also offer adjustable nose pads for maximum comfort and adaptability.
  • Price:
    Depending on the material, some metal frames may carry a higher price tag. However, kids’ metal styles don’t usually fall into that category. You’ll find these frames to be just as affordable as the plastic ones.

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