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Bifocals & Progressives

Depending on how your eyes age, you may find it useful to consider bifocals or progressives.

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Find yourself squinting and straining to see menus in restaurants or to read your morning newspaper?

If you find yourself squinting and straining to see menus in restaurants or to read your morning newspaper, you may be a candidate for bifocal glasses.

Bifocals work like two pairs of glasses made into one. One part of each lens allows you to see things up close with ease; the rest of the lens helps to correct your everyday vision.

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2 Pairs of Progressives

Some bifocals come with a clear visual distinction - a "line" - between the two parts of the lenses. This gives most bifocals their distinct look, but if you want the power of bifocal lenses without the lines, ask about our no-line progressive lenses.

Progressive lenses are very similar to bifocals in their ability to help people with focusing difficulties to see items that are both nearby and far away. They are different, however, in the way they are designed.

Instead of having two distinct prescription areas on the lens, progressive lenses progress from one prescription to the other, allowing the person wearing them to use them for close up, intermediate and distant vision.

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To determine what type of glasses are the ideal for your lifestyle and preferences, come in to one of our America's Best locations to speak with one of our trained opticians. For a FREE eye exam, stop by (walk-ins welcome!) or schedule an appointment online.

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