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America's Best is your #1 choice for finding the best prices in sight. We offer a vast selection of eyewear for people of all ages.

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Free Eye Exams

If you're uncertain about your prescription or just need an updated eye examination, America's Best offers FREE eye exams* with your purchase of two pairs of glasses.

Schedule an appointment with one of our licensed, independent eye care doctors or head to your nearest America's Best location for a walk-in appointment.

Two Pair Offers Starting at $69.95

Single vision? Check out our offer for two complete pairs of glasses with single vision plastic lenses for $69.95. See details

Wear bifocals? You can get TWO complete pairs of lined plastic bifocals for only $99.95. See details

Interested in progressives? We have you covered with two complete pairs of progressives with our basic plastic lenses for a great price! See details

Our Eyeglasses Selection

America's Best carries a wide selection of eyeglasses for the whole family. We offer the best in designer brands including Ray-Ban, Sofia Vergara, Randy Jackson, and many more!

There's no better - or more affordable - way to buy glasses.

While over half the frames in the store are in our 2 for $69.95 collection, you can also save on higher priced frames when you purchase two pairs using our special mix-and-match pricing - and the eye exam* is still FREE when you buy two pairs. Further lens upgrades are available as well.

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Our $59.95 Selection:

Our $59.95 frames are included in our 2 pair offers.