Prescription Reading Glasses from America's Best


As we grow older, many of us may discover that reading things up close is no longer the easy task it was in our youth.

We may rely on pocket magnifying glasses or generic, cheap reading glasses from the drugstore to get by, but these can strain our eyes and still not help us to read accurately.

Ultimately, the best solution if you need help with close-up reading is to get prescription reading glasses.

America's Best offers prescription reading glasses to help your eyes see at their best when you're reading or working on something close-up. Visit one of our over 700 nationwide locations today to start reading comfortably!

Why Prescription Reading Glasses Are Important

Though local pharmacies and department stores often sell ready-made reading glasses, they are not ideal for all eyes. Because these cheap eyeglasses are not tailored to each person, they can cause some issues for the person wearing them. Vision can vary greatly, and many people even have different prescriptions in each eye.

Off-the-shelf glasses also do not address astigmatism whereas your prescription reading glasses do. If the ready-made lenses differ greatly from your prescription, you could experience headaches, nausea, and tired eyes, especially if you wear them for a long period of time.

Instead of trusting your eyes to the mass market, it's better to trust your optometrist to provide you with the right prescription. Make an appointment with one of America's Best's independent, licensed optometrists today to make sure your reading glasses are right for your eyes.

America's Best Offers Designer Reading Glasses for Discount Reading Glasses Prices!

There's just no need to risk your eyes on mass-market reading glasses when you can have prescription reading glasses from America's Best for discount prices. We offer a wide variety of discounted frames to suit both your style and your wallet.

Reading glasses come in two main styles. The first is a full frame made of one entire lens that has the reading prescription. The second type are commonly known as 'Ben Franklin' glasses, which sit lower down on the nose.

Full reading glasses are great for people who spend a lot of time concentrating on close-up reading material. If you look up and try to see something further away, it will appear blurry. It is only when focusing on the close item that you are able to see clearly.

In contrast, half-eye glasses let you see clearly when you look up and across a room while still being able to read what is right in front of you. Half-eye reading glasses are commonly a stepping-stone to bifocals for those who have never worn glasses before.

At America's Best, we offer both full and half-eye reading glasses in many frame styles. Visit one of our over 500 nationwide locations today to check out our wide selection!