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Digital Eye Exam
with an on-screen doctor.

Simple. Convenient. Accessible.

What is a digital eye exam?

Our digital eye exam with an on-screen doctor uses the latest technology to provide high quality, comprehensive eye exams by connecting you with remote licensed optometrists. Our patients will enjoy:

  • Advanced exam technology
  • Extra scheduling flexibility
  • No compromise in level of care

What to expect during an exam:


pretest icon

An optometric technician will perform all the usual pretests including the field of vision and glaucoma “air puff” test. They will also take a picture of your retina, and these results are sent to your doctor to review in real time.

Eye Exam

eye exam icon

Next, you’ll connect with your optometrist via video conference. The optometric technician will check your eye movement, alignment and pupil function while recording a video for your doctor.


refraction icon

Finally, you'll receive a refraction with a digital phoropter to determine your prescription. The optometrist will review your eye health, answer any questions you may have and determine your care plan.