The Right Way to Clean Your Glasses

It’s important to clean your eyeglasses daily. But most people take shortcuts that can damage the lenses. Here’s the correct way to keep a clear view.

Just like a dirty car windshield makes it tough to see the road, dusty, smudgy eyeglass lenses get in the way of your perfect view. That’s why you should take time to clean your eyeglasses every day. 

You don’t need any fancy gear. But it’s a good idea to follow these simple dos and don’ts to keep your specs clear. 

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Don’t Use Hand Soap  

Hand soap is good for cleaning your hands, but not your glasses. You’ll just leave a residue on the lenses and make them cloudier.  

Don’t Breathe on Your Lenses  

Don’t breathe on your lenses. Breathing on your lenses won’t make your lenses wet enough to do any good. In fact, you might blow even more germs into the mix.  

Don’t Use Your Shirt  

Your shirt is handy, but the fibers in the fabric could scratch your lenses. Plus, unless you just pulled your shirt out of the dryer, you may just be spreading dust and dirt on the lenses. 

Don’t Use Window Cleaner  

Window cleaner may be the worst of all. The ammonia in household cleaners is too abrasive and can permanently damage your lens coating.  

Don’t Use Paper Towels 

Just make sure you don’t use a paper towel, tissue, or napkin. They have a textured surface that can scratch your lenses. 

Do Give Them a Quick Rinse  

The safest way to clean your eyeglasses is also the easiest. Wash your hands and rinse the entire frame with lukewarm water for a few seconds. If the water is too hot, it might harm certain lens coatings.  

Do Spritz Each Lens with Eyeglass Cleaner Spray 

Spritz each lens with the lens cleaning spray that’s meant for eyeglasses. These sprays are nonabrasive, so they won’t leave tiny scratches behind. Plus, they’re quick drying so you can get on with your day.  

Get in the habit of following these steps at least once a day, and you’ll not only extend the life of your eyeglasses, but you’ll keep that nice view.  

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