What Your Eyes Say About Your Overall Health

Regular eye exams can pick up on signs of health problems far from the eyes themselves.

What do diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, and thyroid disease have in common?  

Answer: They can all be spotted early by your eye doctor.  

Eye exams are an essential part of your health care routine. Book an appointment with your America’s Best optometrist today! Click here to find a time that fits your schedule. 

Your Eyes Are a Window to Your Health 

Your doctor gains exclusive insight into what’s going on inside your body without having to make a single incision. That’s because the tiny blood vessels in the eyes are often the first thing to be affected by diseases. 

For example, twists in the eye’s blood vessels may signal hypertension, while a dingy, gray ring around the cornea can spell trouble for your cholesterol. 

Eye doctors may also be able to detect certain cancers, autoimmune diseases, or even brain hemorrhages. That means regular eye exams can help save your vision and even your life. 

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