PureVision Multifocal 6 Pack - Low Add

(6 Lenses/Box)
PureVision Multifocal 6 Pack - Low Add New

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SKU:  0084829001L
Manufactured byBausch & Lomb

Product Overview

  • With PureVision Low Add Multifocal contact lenses, you can enjoy high definition vision at both near and far distances
  • A premier contact lens, PureVision offers breakthrough technology, superb convenience, and ultimate comfort - making it a preferred choice for lens wearers all over the world
  • Specifically designed as an alternative to bifocal glasses, their All-Distance Optics design provides excellent vision at both near and far distances
  • While most multi-focal lenses are not available in a silicone hydrogel material, these lenses are the first and only multi-focal contacts to be made from such a breathable, soft and silky substance, providing you with superior comfort
  • They are an extended wear lens similar to PureVision in that they are made of the same AerGel material for exceptional oxygen transmission, resulting in healthy white eyes and superior comfort that can be enjoyed for 30 days before replacing

Additional Information

With PureVision Multifocal lenses, you can experience optimal focus at all distances, near and far and in between. Their optical design focuses light in a way that lets your eye instinctively seek out the zone that provides optical focus, without any effort on your end as may be found with bifocals or reading glasses. Rather, PureVision Multifocals let you see everything clearly and effortlessly at any distance, at any time, with unmatched comfort.

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