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How to Properly Clean Your Glasses

Put down the paper towels, and step away from the Windex.

person cleaning glasses with shirt

Take these seven steps to improve your view & and keep your glasses new.

Put down the paper towels, and step away from the Windex.

When a smudge or speck ruins the view from behind your glasses, it’s tempting to reach for the quick fix—the bottom of your shirt or the closest dish towel. Don’t.

Using a rough fabric can scratch your lenses, shortening the life of your specs. Likewise, commercial glass cleaners can ruin their finish.

Besides, it takes only a few seconds longer to clean your glasses the right way. Here’s your plan.

Step #1

Wash your hands, and then rinse your entire frame with lukewarm water, as hot water can harm anti-reflective and other coatings.

Step #2

Put a small dot of lotion-free soap on each lens. A great choice is a pure dishwashing soap such as Dawn. Do not use dishwasher detergent, hand sanitizers, or soaps with high alcohol content. All can damage your lenses.

Step #3

Using the tip of a clean finger (you washed your hands, right?), gently swirl the soap around on both sides of your lenses and then down the entire frame.

Step #4

Rinse your glasses again under lukewarm water until the soap is gone. Be sure to put both lenses directly under the faucet to remove any remaining residue.

Step #5

Carefully tap your glasses on a dishtowel or gently shake them over the sink to remove as much water as possible.

Step #6

Dry them with a clean, lint-free towel, such as a microfiber cloth you’d use for fine glass or china. Do not use a paper towel or dish or bath towel. They’ll cover your squeaky-clean glasses with lint—and could even leave a scratch.

Step #7

Soak in the view! It’s a beautiful world, isn’t it?

If you’re constantly on the go, ask your America’s Best optometrist to recommend a tote-sized eyeglass cleaning kit with a small spray bottle and a soft cloth.

Glasses aren’t designed to last forever, of course, but if you clean and store them properly, and perform regular maintenance, yours will stay in tiptop shape for years to come.

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