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Contact Lens Evaluation Follow-up Exams

After a contact lens exam, you will most likely need to schedule a follow-up appointment. This is free if it takes place within 45 days of the original exam. Patients who have worn the same brand and prescription for a long time may not need a follow-up. The doctor will usually request one for someone who is new to contacts, new to a specific brand or prescription, or new to America's Best.

Why do I Need a Follow-up?

Your new lenses will need to be examined after having had time to interact with your eyes to make sure the solution is a healthy one for your eyes and for your lifestyle. When you visit the doctor for your follow-up, you will be asked questions about contact lens care, sensations, and more. It's important that you tell your doctor about any sensation or concern regarding your contacts or your eyes. This will help the doctor determine if your contact lenses are right for you.

How much does it cost?

Any follow-up within 45 days of the original exam is included in the cost of that first exam. If the doctor feels that a second follow-up is needed, he or she will let you know, and that will also be included. Once the follow-up is complete, the doctor will finalize the prescription, and you can purchase your supply of contact lenses.

The doctor cannot finalize a prescription without a follow-up exam.