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Learn More About Eye Exams

It is important notify your eye doctor if you notice any vision changes. They can happen suddenly or over time including computer eye strain, blurriness or inability to focus.

Eye Exams Are More Than Vision Tests: Annual eye exams can alert you to medical & health issues outside of your vision

Contact Lens Prescriptions: Understanding the acronyms in your contact lens prescription

Eye Exam Pre-Tests: There are a few tests to run before your actual eye exam

Contact Lens Evaluation Exam: We require a fast follow-up visit for contact lens wearer

Contact Lens vs. Glasses Exam: Why does one exam cost more than the other?

Get Ready for Back to School with Eye Exams: Vision is an important part of success in school

Prepare for Sports with Eye Exams: Make sure they're successful on and off the field with great vision

Spotting Vision Problems in Children: Watch for these signs of vision problems in children

What is an Optometrist? What to expect from your optometrist & their training

What's the Difference Between Optometrists & Ophthalmologists? They can both play a role in your eye health

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