Eye Allergies and Contact Lenses

Allergy season can cause problems for contact lens wearers, even with those people who have worn them regularly for a long time without any comfort issues. This is because airborne allergens can easily get on your lenses and can also cause your eyes to produce additional lubrication or tears.

Both of these cause deposits on your contacts and can lead to discomfort. Now you can monitor pollen levels and allergen types online or via your local meteorologist in the spring, which will let you know in a timely manner what specific allergens are present in your area.

Your eye doctor can also sometimes recommend eye drops that help relieve eye allergy symptoms and keep your contact lenses clean and free of allergens.

Another alternative is daily disposable contact lenses, which are discarded nightly. Because you replace them so frequently, these types of lenses are unlikely to develop irritating deposits that can build up over time and cause or heighten allergy-related discomfort.

For help with any specific eye allergy symptoms and conditions, be sure to visit your eye doctor.

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