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Tips to Fix Broken Glasses

How to Fix Broken Glasses

While eyeglass frame materials have come a long way in increasing durability, accidents still happen. Whether they are being handled too roughly, accidentally sat on, or the dog’s latest chew toy, there’s no shortage of ways for glasses to get damaged or break. Not all damages are created equal, however. Some of the repairs can even be done by yourself at home with the help of some common household tools.

Popped out lenses

Popped Out Lenses

For most plastic frames, you can easily pop the lenses back in with a gentle push. For metal frames, the lenses are typically held in place with a small screw, so it may have come loose if the lens popped out. With an eyeglass repair kit, the correct sized screw and screwdriver should be included. Just place the lens back into the frame and gently screw it into place.

Bent Frames

Try adjusting your eyeglasses by applying some heat and light pressure. Plastic frames should be put under running hot water for 15-20 seconds. Metal frames don’t require heat, but can be warmed up to make it easier. Small adjustments can then be made to bend the frames back to their original form or to shape them for a better fit.

Bent Frames
Detached temples

Detached Temples

If the temple or “arm” of the glasses’ frames falls off, it may just be missing a screw. Those can be bought and screwed on yourself with a repair kit. However, if part of the frame snaps off, the entire frame would need to be replaced.

Broken/Missing Nose Pads

Nose pads are another part of the glasses where replacement parts can be purchased and reattached—as long as the metal part that holds the nose pad onto the frame didn’t break off completely.

Broken nose pads

If your broken glasses can’t be fixed, or you just want a backup pair, America's Best has hundreds of eyeglasses starting at $69.95. Our Customer Service Team will also be happy to help answer any of your questions or concerns about fixing or replacing broken glasses.

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