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Sunglasses from America's Best

More than just a fashion statement - whatever style you choose

Young caucasian woman wearing sunglasses

Eyes are vulnerable to the damaging rays of the sun

Prescription sunglasses are extremely affordable at America's Best - a simple upgrade to our two pair package is all you need to turn your second pair into a pair of sunglasses. We have options to fit every budget, too.

We turn your second eyeglass pair into Rx sunglasses with just a tint and UV protection package, or you can upgrade to a more specialized polarized lens.

Kids Need Sunglasses Too!

Did you know that much of the UV damage to your eyes happens when you are young? If you have children, you should consider a pair of kid's prescription sunglasses for them.

Protection from the sun is important - and your eyes are no exception. Find a store location to check out our wide array of sunglass frames including designer sunglasses like Ray Ban.

Stylish Sunglasses

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