Verithin High Index Lenses

Lightest & Thinnest Lens at America's Best

woman wearing eyeglasses with Verithin lenses

Do you have a strong prescription and hate the thick lenses that go with it? Particularly great for strong prescriptions, you can enjoy thinner lenses when you purchase Verithin High Index lenses.

Verithin Lenses are Durable

Made of a durable yet lightweight high index plastic, Verithin lenses replace thick "coke bottle" lenses with a thin, discreet, and easy-to-wear lens that provides superior clarity. These lenses are mostly scratch resistant (though they will scratch if a purposeful attempt is made) and can fit in almost any fashion eyeglass frame you would choose. So, no longer does your strong prescription have to limit your eyeglass frame choice.

They Look Great!

The best thing of all is how great the Verithin lenses look. If you've ever been embarrassed at how thick your lenses are or felt like the size of your lenses added years to your age, those problems are over. Verithin lenses are a perfectly discreet way to wear a strong eyeglass prescription without anyone knowing just how impaired your vision really is.

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