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Verithin™ Hi-Index Lenses

For those with strong prescriptions, hi-index lenses are 33% thinner than traditional CR-39 plastic, so they’re a lighter, more attractive option.

hi-index verithin lenses
Verithin Hi-Index Lenses

Why Choose Hi-Index Lenses?

  • Great for strong prescriptions.
    If you have a high level of farsightedness or nearsightedness, traditional plastic lenses can get very thick and make even the cutest pair of glasses look unattractive. Because Verithin™ lenses are 33% thinner than CR-39 plastic lenses, they’re lightweight, comfortable and great looking in all frames.

  • Durable, yet lightweight.
    Hi-index plastic gives Verithin™ lenses superior clarity in a style that’s thin, discreet, lightweight and easy to wear.

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