Glaucoma Risk Factors

Glaucoma can be devastating, resulting in total loss of vision, if it is not found early and treated properly. Many people, an estimated 1.5 million in the U.S. alone, are unaware they are suffering from glaucoma because the symptoms are so subtle.

While no one is exempt from being affected by glaucoma, certain groups of people have a higher risk of developing the eye disease.

Glaucoma Risk Factors:

  • Over 45 years of age
  • African descent
  • Nearsighted
  • Diabetic
  • History of eye injuries
  • Farsighted
  • History of increased eye pressure
  • Cortisone user

Glaucoma screenings should be a part of your annual eye exam. In the glaucoma test, the eye doctor will measure your eye pressure. An increased eye pressure can indicate possible damage of the optic nerve.

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