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We believe in the importance of mental health and well‑being.

That's why we created the See Inside collection and why we're donating to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.


In May, we will be donating $25K to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to aid their efforts in improving awareness, education and advocacy. We’ve partnered with Match Eyewear to bring you a new collection of frames inspired by the affirmations that we use at America’s Best to bring positivity into focus. Accented by the green ribbon for Mental Health Awareness and named by words chosen to uplift our community, each style was designed with care. 

The name of the line, See Inside, is meant to inspire inclusivity and a better understanding of how we all feel. Also, when you wear frames from the line, you’re showing support for a very worthy cause.

- Tracy S, Director, Culture, Philanthropy, DE&I

We are very focused on the Mental Health and Wellness of our associates, and understand how prevalent mental health issues are overall in society. The frame line represents our commitment to support this important health issue and letting those affected know, “we’re with you.”

- Jacqueline G, VP, Culture, Philanthropy, DE&I

We're all connected to someone who's affected by mental health. Taking your mental health seriously isn’t polarizing or political, it's universally important. Wearing these frames is a conversation starter…a way to lessen the stigma and make caring for your mental health part of everyday life.

- Erin D, Senior Director, Frame Merchandising

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