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Caring for Your Contacts

The amount of products and steps to follow for proper contact lens care can seem overwhelming to new contact wearers. For people who regularly wear contacts, it’s easy to get used to a routine and accidentally skip essential steps. It is important for your health to not skip steps and properly clean and care for your contacts every time.

Caring for Contacts

Tips to Care for Your Soft Contacts

Wash Your Hands
Before handling your contact lenses or accessories, make sure to always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
Don't Use Water
Never rinse your contacts with water. Water contains a lot of microorganisms and will not disinfect your contacts.
Clean Accessories
Use solution (not water) to frequently rinse your contact lens case and dry with a clean tissue. Let it dry upside down with the lid off.
Replace Contact Lens Case
You should replace your contact lens case at least once every three months.
Remove Lenses Overnight
Do not sleep in your contacts unless otherwise instructed by your doctor. Your cornea won’t receive enough oxygen overnight and can get infected.

How to Clean Your Contacts

  1. Clean each contact lens individually.
  2. Put the contact lens in your palm along with some drops of solution and carefully rub them clean for about 20 seconds.
  3. Then, place the contact in your clean case filled with fresh solution.
  4. Be sure to replace the solution in your case every day.

Common Types of Solutions and Cleaners

There are a wide variety of contact lens solutions and cleaners out there. Different products such as multipurpose or saline solution have specific purposes and should not be used for anything other than what is instructed.

Give Your Eyes a Break

After wearing contact lenses for days, weeks, or even a month at a time, you need to let your eyes breathe. Try to give them a break from contact lenses at least once a week. Make sure you have a pair of eyeglasses that you can switch to.

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