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Single-Vision Lenses

When you need help seeing things up close or farther than an arm’s length away, single-vision lenses provide one kind of vision correction across the entire lens.

single vision
Single Vision vs Progressive

What are single-vision lenses?

The majority of people who wear eyeglasses need single-vision lenses. The entire lens corrects vision to the same degree, so they provide better vision for one field of vision, whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism. Your single-vision prescription is compatible with any of our lens upgrades.

Get 2 complete pairs for $79.95!

All single-vision prescriptions are included in our 2 for $79.95 offer. The 2 for $79.95 offer includes single vision uncoated plastic (CR39) lenses, frames from our $69.95 price selection and a free eye exam.*

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