3-Year Contact Lens Exam Benefit Plan for California Residents



Join America's Best 3-Year Contact Lens Exam Benefit Plan $99  
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Discounts on Contacts & Eyeglasses


Get 3 years of eye exams and 10% off contacts and eyeglasses, when you join the 3-Year Contact Lens Exam Benefit Plan from America's Best Vision Plan.Just $99

See the contact lens exam savings for yourself!

Every contact lens wearer needs a back-up pair of eyeglasses, and joining the 3-Year Contact Lens Exam Benefit Plan will help you save 10% off any purchase of eyeglasses. This discount is good as long as you are a current 3-Year Contact Lens Exam Benefit Plan member!


How often should I get a contact lens exam?

Typically, contact lens prescriptions expire after a year, and the American Optometric Association recommend annual eye exams for all of our members to maintain optimal eye health. Optometrists may recommend exams more often for patients with certain eye issues or disorders. 

Why do contact lens exams cost more than glasses exams?

During a contact lens exam, you will receive all the same benefits as a general eye exam for eyeglasses, PLUS other diagnostics and tests to help the optometrist determine which contact lenses are right for you. Contact lenses come in different shapes and sizes, and optometrists use contact lens exams to determine the best fit for your particular eyes. 

Why should I consider an annual supply of contacts?

Most importantly, ordering an annual supply means you'll have the correct number of lenses to last you 12 months. That means you won't be forced to wear lenses for longer than is recommended. Wearing 1-day contacts for only 1 day and weeklies for only 1 week will help ensure your eye health! 

By purchasing an annual supply of contacts at America's Best means you'll save money! Buying a year's supply means you'll pay the lowest price for your contacts. For example, as a Member of the 3-Year Contact Lens Exam Benefit Plan, you can get Sofmed 55 disposable contacts starting from $14.99/box with a year's supply purchase.


*America's Best Vision Plan membership required & fee included. Includes discount on products provided at America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses. Eye exams as required for the life of your America's Best Vision Plan Membership. Eye exams provided by independent medical practice. America's Best does not provide eye exams or practice medicine.