Frequency 55 Aspheric FW Monthly

(6 Lenses/Box)
Frequency 55 Aspheric FW Monthly

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Right Eye Diameter (DIA): 14.4
Left Eye Diameter (DIA): 14.4
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SKU:  1066403301
Manufactured by CooperVision Frequency 55 Aspheric FW Monthly

Product Overview

  • Designed with a thin, highly deposit-resistant material, Frequency 55 Aspheric contact lenses ensure long-lasting, comfortable lens-wear
  • If you suffer from a slight astigmatism, aspheric lenses could be the right contacts for you
  • For cleaner lenses and greater convenience, replace your lenses frequently

Additional Information

Designed for people with slight astigmatism, Frequency 55 Aspheric lenses deliver exceptional visual quality by focusing light to a common focal point in the back of your eye, rather than a general area. The result is precise, crisp vision. It's UltraSync design additionally ensures superior comfort, handling, and performance. Proven to correct up to .75 of astigmatism vision.

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