Biofinity toric 6 Pack

(6 Lenses/Box)
Biofinity toric 6 Pack New

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SKU:  0168469001L
Manufactured byCooperVision Biofinity toric 6 Pack

Product Overview

  • Made by CooperVision, Biofinity Toric is a disposable contact lens that can last for up to a month at a time
  • Designed with high oxygen performance, the lens helps maintain healthy, white eyes all day long
  • The soft and moist lens material provides excellent, long-lasting comfort
  • Designed to correct astigmatism, the lenses additionally feature round lens edges for superior comfort
  • Featuring unique silicone monomers, Biofinity Toric lenses are able to transmit oxygen efficiently through the lens, keeping eyes moist and healthy, and allowing for a soft, comfortable feel

Additional Information

By featuring both Aquaform technology as well as Biofinity's unique silicone monomers, Biofinity Toric lenses are among the softest, most comfortable lenses on the market. The Aquaform technology links hydrogen bonds to water molecules, for a naturally wettable lens that seals in moisture and resists dehydration and deposit build-up. The silicone monomers transmit oxygen easily and efficiently through the lens for whiter, healthier eyes. Soft, silky, and comfortable, you will love Biofinity Toric contact lenses.

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