Sofmed breathables 1 Day toric 90 Pack

(90 Lenses/Box)
Sofmed breathables 1 Day toric 90 Pack

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Right Eye Base Curve (BC): 8.6
Right Eye Diameter (DIA):14.3
Left Eye Base Curve (BC):8.6
Left Eye Diameter (DIA):14.3
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SKU:  0460349001R
Manufactured byCooperVision

Product Overview

If your lifestyle requires you to wear dailies, or you prefer using a fresh, new lens every day, Sofmed® Breathables™ 1 Day lenses are a great choice.

Enjoy excellent comfort with Sofmed® Breathables™ 1 Day lenses:

  • Sofmed® breathables™ 1 day lenses allow up to 3x more oxygen to reach your eyes than other leading hydrogel 1-day lenses.  
  • With a high water content, these dailies are the perfect addition to your everyday morning routine. They’ll keep your eyes from feeling dry by the end of the day.