Sofmed 1 day 90 Pack

(90 Lenses/Box)
Sofmed 1 day 90 Pack New

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Manufactured byCooperVision Sofmed 1 day 90 Pack

Product Overview

  • Save time in your busy life with the Sofmed 1-Day daily disposable lens
  • Great solution for a busy, active individual who wants an easy wearing experience
  • Changing lenses daily lessens the opportunity for your lenses to collect deposits resulting in comfortable and irritation free wear
  • Daily disposable lenses, like Sofmed 1-Day, don't require cleaning, storing or additional care
  • Sofmed 1-Day 90 pack is manufactured by CooperVision

Additional Information

When you have an active and busy lifestyle, you want a simplified process for your contact lenses. Sofmed 1-Day contacts offer this simplicity with a daily disposable lens that you insert in the morning and throw away every night. That means no cleaning or storing.

You are sure to enjoy this one-of-a-kind lens design delivered with a comfortable, hassle-free experience. Even better, the Sofmed 1-Day lens is available in a 90 pack and includes 90 daily disposable contact lenses. Simplify your wearing schedule and your ordering schedule with our 90 pack of Sofmed lenses!


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