Optima 38/SP 2 Pack

(2 Lenses/Box)
Optima 38/SP 2 Pack

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Right Eye Diameter (DIA): 14
Left Eye Diameter (DIA): 14
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Manufactured by Bausch & Lomb Optima 38/SP 2 Pack

Product Overview

Optima 38/SP lenses offer a time-tested design that provides excellent vision and comfort, and Optima 38/SP comes with a spare pair for convenience and peace of mind.

  • Optima 38/SP has been a leading brand in conventional soft daily wear lenses for over 10 years and are manufactured by Bausch + Lomb.
  • Easy-to-fit low water content spherical soft lens manufactured using 'Reverse Process III' technology, and designed for use in the correction of myopia and hyperopia on a daily wear basis.
  • Lathe-cut rear surface ensures good on-eye lens centralization.
  • Yearly replacement schedule

Additional Information

The increased mid-peripheral thickness of the Optima 38/SP lens allows good handling across the power range. 2-pack product to be positioned as traditional replacement with a "spare pair," or as a planned replacement lens.