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Sofia Vergara Yvette

Sofia Vergara



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15.0mm 53.0mm 39.4mm Front side measurements
Measurements are typically printed as three numbers inside your frame. Frame measurements may be different depending on the options selected.
140.0mm Side view measurements

If you already have glasses that fit well, find those frame measurements to use as a guide. We recommend looking for new glasses within:

  • 1-3mm of your current Lens Width
  • 1-2mm of the Bridge Width
  • 4-6mm of the Temple Length
Sizing Guide



You my friend, are on fire…well, at least your glasses are. Can't you just see the flames leaping out of the front of these tortoise patterned frames?! Show your passion and drive in life while rocking these fiery beauties, but don't worry, we've added a touch of cool-toned periwinkle to the sides so that things don't get to hot to handle.               

  • Slim plastic frames make eyewear comfortable and durable             
  • Inner wire framework makes glasses easily adjustable           
  • Captivating colors and rich hues add a fresh flair